Snakewood hardwood

Brosimum guianense (syn. Piratinera guianensis)

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Average Dried Weight (kg/cbm) 1170 kg/m3 (73 lbs/ft3)
Diameter (cm) Diameter of 15 to 25 centimeter
Grade AAA grade (inside and outside is speckled), AA grade and A grade (without speckles).
Hardness (lbf /N) 16900N (3,800 lbf)
Length Standard logs are 1,5m, In case the diameter is wider, the length of the logs are shorter.
Applications Inlay, veneer, violin bows, Damascus knives, tool handles, and other small turned or specialty objects, etc

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Common Name(s): Snakewood, Letterwood, Letterhout
Scientific Name: Brosimum guianense (syn. Piratinera guianensis)
Origin: Suriname, Guyana (Coastal regions of northeast South America)

Tree Size: 65-80 ft (20-25 m) tall, 6-12 in (15-30 cm) trunk diameter
Average Dried Weight: 73 lbs/ft3 (1,170 kg/m3)
Specific Gravity (Basic, 12% MC): .96, 1.17
Janka Hardness: 3,800 lbf (16,900 N)
Modulus of Rupture: 23,000 lbf/in2 (158.6 MPa)*
Elastic Modulus: 2,720,000 lbf/in2 (18.76 GPa)*
Crushing Strength: 11,800 lbf/in2 (81.4 MPa)*

*These are minimum values in the strength class; Snakewood’s strength values most likely exceeds those of Bloodwood. It is top 10 of hardest wood in the world.
Shrinkage: Radial: ~6%, Tangential: ~9%, Volumetric: ~15%, T/R Ratio: ~1.5

Commonly used: Inlay, veneer, Damascus knives, knife haft, musical instruments, violin bows, tool handles, and other small turned or specialty objects.